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Greetings to All
In light of the continuing COVID situation, the Lane County Stand Down Executive Committee has canceled both Mobile Outreach Stand Downs (October 10th & November 7th), believing this to be the most responsible thing to do. We will put our sights on next year's event - which will be September 24, 2021. Thank you to everyone for continuing to support our Veterans any way possible.

Our Mission

One of the biggest objectives of the annual Stand Down is to reach veterans who do not know that they are eligible for VA programs, and could very easily claim these benefits. Stand Down services are sometimes referred to as “Veterans helping Veterans” and “Giving a hand up, not a hand out.” We are proud of our Vets, proud of their sacrifice, dedication and service. Stand Down is just one small way we can recognize our debt to our heroes.

Stand Down was a term first used to describe the relief of a military unit on the front lines. By moving the unit to the comparative safety of the rear, it could rest, eat hot food, train, and re-equip before going back into action. Today, Stand Down is the annual celebration where local veterans are exposed to a variety of exhibits, and programs, many of which are unknown by the average veteran. A Stand Down operates at several levels; For Veterans and their families, a variety of programs from the VA, local support organizations, and fraternal organizations are exhibited. For the homeless, there are basic services, haircuts, clothes, and a hot meal. Housing and medical programs are offered as well.